I am a married mother of 2 beautiful girls, and 2 crazy dogs! My girls were my inspiration behind learning and getting into newborn photography, after taking them both for their own newborn photoshoots.

Whether it was taking photos on my phone, or using my camera, I don’t think a day went by where some form of photo wasn’t taken of them!

I have a love for all things creative; if I could make or create something, I would – this has been the case since I was a small child, and this very much comes into play with background settings and ideas for my photoshoots.

Being lucky enough to have a large garage underneath our house gave us the perfect opportunity to create a small professional home studio where I would be able to work, and I was keen to get it converted so that I could get back to work after being on maternity leave!


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You can come into our studio or we can arrange a place of your choosing to have your portraits taken. The shoot will usually take a couple of hours.


Once we've completed the shoot and we're happy with the photos, we begin our editing process to tweak any photos that need a quick touch-up.


The exciting bit! By appointment, we get you to attend the studio to view the final results which you will then be able to take home on one of our USB sticks.

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